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Concierge Medicine at CMI



Most people associate visits to doctors’ offices with queues of sick patients seated in uncomfortable benches long waiting times, and hurried consultations that lack the empathy and caring, patients wish they could get when they are not feeling well.




Diagnostic exams, such as x-rays, ultrasound, and blood tests, are done in facilities scattered over several sections of a busy hospital. 

Navigating the hospital’s complicated maze of hallways and elevators can be frustrating especially when one is sick.

Worse, exposing the immune system to the risks of acquiring infections the hospital environment carries.



 Clearly, there is a better way of healthcare than this.

Both patients and doctors deserve a better healing environment.



 This novel concept puts emphasis on the needs and wants of the patient as the real focus of medical care in the clinics.



Patients can then discuss their concerns in more detail, while doctors can spend more time and do more thorough assessments.

These lead to better clinical management and allow for a stronger, more responsive relationship between the doctor and the patient



CMI promotes preventive medicine to guide patients in taking proactive steps for their own health and well-being. 



The clinic’s design and process flows take great care in reducing the risks of infections associated with hospital settings.



While this exclusive concierge medicine may cost more than the usual hospital or clinic service, the time saved, convenience, comfort, and the unique healing environment are well worth the extra pesos spent.



 With CMI, you can have the healthcare the way you have always wanted it: personalized, efficient, convenient, and effective.




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