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All About Elbow Pain

The elbow is a joint that allows us to position our forearm and hand in space and carry out a multitude of functions,

from throwing a ball to removing a cup or plate from a cupboard. Normally, we take for granted the functionality of our elbows.



While pain in the elbow is rarely a sign of a serious condition it often is the cause of extreme pain and discomfort.

Pain in the elbow will normally affect a person from performing their normal tasks and activities and therefore it should be treated as soon as possible.



The elbow joint is the site where the long bone at the top of your arm (the humerus) meets the two bones of your forearm (the radius and the ulna). It's a hinge joint, which means that you can bend your arm.

Each bone has cartilage on the end, which helps them slide against each other and absorb shocks. They’re lashed into place with tough tissues called ligaments.

And your tendons connect your bones to muscles to allow you to move your arm in different ways.




When everything is working well, the elbow functions well.  Depending on our age and chosen activity, any one of the structures mentioned can breakdown and become a cause of elbow pain.

If anything happens to any of these parts, not to mention the nerves and blood vessels around them, it can cause you pain






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