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What to expect when bleeding occurs during pregnancy

Even for the most level-headed mom-to-be shedding blood during pregnancy will always be unnerving, however, blood loss doesn’t always mean you could be experiencing a miscarriage.



Bleeding during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, is more common than you might think. While most women will have one incidence of bleeding, a small number of women will bleed throughout their pregnancy. It can take the form of spotting, streaking, or period-like blood loss.






In early pregnancy you might get some perfectly harmless light bleeding, called "spotting". This is when the developing embryo plants itself in the wall of your womb. This often happens around the time that your first period after conception would have been due.





Bleeding during pregnancy is relatively common, but it can be a dangerous sign, and you should always contact your health care professional immediately if it happens to you.









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