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Could It Be Glaucoma? Don’t Ignore Eye Symptoms


Glaucoma is an eye condition often associated with older people. But for individuals of all ages, any irregularities in one’s eyesight and vision must not be ignored. Symptoms such as eye pain, blurred vision, seeing rainbows and lights (or iridescent vision), headache on the side of the affected eye, nausea, and vomiting are reasons to see your doctor.


Dr. Hannah Pia de Guzman, one of CMI’s ophthalmologists and glaucoma sub-specialist, defines glaucoma as a group of eye diseases where the optic nerve sustains gradual, progressive, permanent damage, which is often, but not always, due to elevated pressure in the eye.


She explains that glaucoma is dangerous since most people with this disease have no symptoms. “Only a small percentage will have the classic symptoms mentioned above,” added Dr. De Guzman.


If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to irreversible blindness. If caught early, glaucoma progression can be prevented, thus avoiding visual disability.


Dr. de Guzman says, “People with the following risk factors are more likely to have glaucoma: older age (45 years old and above), family history of glaucoma, high myopia (nearsightedness), and vascular diseases (hypertension, diabetes, migraine, Raynaud’s disease, etc.)”


At CMI, an ophthalmologist examines the patient’s optic nerve (funduscopy), checks their eye pressure (tonometry), and checks the drainage pathway of the eye (gonioscopy) for glaucoma screening. Then he or she may be referred for additional diagnostic tests if needed.


CMI’s comfortable interiors and peaceful atmosphere is a welcome break from the noise, hassles, and inconvenience of large hospitals and busy clinics. It is especially favored by patients because the clinic is comfortable, serene, and personal.


Dr de Guzman concludes, “Glaucoma blindness can be prevented if caught early but it cannot be reversed. So early diagnosis and adherence to treatment are critical.”


CMI is your partner is preventing glaucoma blindness. Book an appointment with one of our ophthalmologists today.