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Dizziness and Vertigo


           "Not All Dizziness is Vertigo."


Individuals who suffer from constant dizziness and feel like they are falling or spinning are often immediately diagnosed by well-meaning friends to have vertigo. Many people wrongfully consider vertigo as a disease that requires treatment for one to live a normal life.


Dr. Franco Louie Abes, one of CMI’s board-certified otorhinolaryngologists, explains that vertigo is not in itself a disease but a symptom that indicates a mismatch between what your mind is expecting and what your body is experiencing.


Vertigo is a form of dizziness where in one experiences a false sense of spinning or rotation. This can last from a few seconds until a few hours or even days. We have to understand that vertigo is not a disease by itself, but is rather a symptom of some form of vestibular system disorder,” Dr. Abes explained.


Getting to the root of the problem is key to curing the symptom that is vertigo. “Vertigo is usually curable. Curing vertigo requires identifying its cause. The most basic way to diagnose a person with vertigo is through vestibular evaluation,” added Dr. Abes.


The Dizziness and Vertigo Evaluation and Management Program, offered at Centre Medicale Internationale, is recommended for any person who experiences frequent dizziness. The package includes:

  • Complete history-taking and physical examination by CMI’s board-certified otorhinolaryngolists (ears, nose, and throat specialist)
  • Bedside vestibular assessment
  • Vestibular repositioning maneuvers


Further tests may be recommended by the attending physician, as necessary.


Identify and treat the root cause of your dizziness. Set an appointment at CMI today.