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We are here to guide you through your journey of managing your health. We ensure that every service we provide respects your privacy and convenience. CMI’s services are focused on giving you patient-centered and personalized healthcare.

Specialty Programs

At CMI, we aim to anticipate your healthcare needs.

We have calibrated personalized health programs for child and adolescent behavioral, psychological and adjustment disorders, senior citizen's wellness, nutrition and weight management, pain management, and more 

Our CMI specialists have created individualized programs specially designed to address your physical, mental and psychological needs.  



1. Allergy Testing and Management Program

Be it an itchy rash or bothersome morning sniffles, one should not ignore allergies.  CMI’s allergology and immunology specialists can do panel testing of contact and airborne allergens and provide treatment to help alleviate those nasty allergy symptoms.

2. Asthma and COPD Evaluation and Treatment

CMI offers a Pulmonary Screening program to diagnose chronic respiratory disorders followed by pulmonology specialist treatment 

3. Breast Mass Evaluation and Biopsy

CMI expert multidisciplinary team of interventional breast radiologists, surgeons and oncologists work together to evaluate breast lumps to help rule out malignancies and give advice on how to best approach these masses

4. Care of the Professional Voice

Singers, broadcasters and call center agents often deal with vocal strain. CMI has experts to help coach voice professionals take care of their most precious asset and treat conditions that affect their vocal cords.

5. Cardiopulmonary Clearance

CMI specialists conduct evaluation to provide comprehensive clearance for dental, surgical, orthopedic and ophthalmological procedures. Internists can also provide clearance for travel and sports activities.

6. Chronic Back Pain Management

Multi-specialty approach in the treatment of chronic low back pain including multiple modalities like medical and surgical management, physical therapy, nerve blocks and medical acupuncture.

7. Dermatology (Adult & Pediatric)

Specialists treating disorders of the skin, hair and nails including hair loss, infections, excessive sweating, skin dryness and similar problems needing medical dermatological consultation. Read more

8. Dizziness & Vertigo

Frequent and debilitating episodes of vertigo and dizziness require multi-disciplinary approach to identify the cause and initiate the appropriate treatment. CMI’s otology specialists, neurologists and cardiologists help evaluation causes of disequilibrium and imbalance.  Included are bedside vestibular assessment and vestibular repositioning maneuvers. CMI can also conduct vestibular rehabilitation to help patients deal with chronic vertigo.

9. Glaucoma Screening

Ophthalmology specialists will assess patients with blurring of vision, headache and eye pain to diagnose and treat glaucoma.

10. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Menstrual and hormonal irregularities, menopause issues and infertility evaluation. Read more

11. Joint Pain and Arthritis Management

Recognizing different forms of arthritis, CMI joint specialists will conduct examinations to evaluate joint pain and limitations in mobility and offer different modalities of treatment including intra-articular injections, pain management, physical therapy, nutrition counseling and lifestyle modification.

12. Liver Disporders

Internationally-recognized experts in hepatology help evaluate and treat liver disorders including fatty liver, hepatitis and liver neoplasms.

13. Maxillofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Chronic headache and facial pain due to jaw joint disorders are under recognized and left untreated.  Our TMJ specialists can help solve chronic pain problems by correcting disorders affecting the jaw joint and the muscles that surround it.




1. Men's Health Program

Evaluation of men’s overall health in all ages.  CMI also has specialists who can attend to concerns like erectile and sexual dysfunction, hormonal abnormalities, male-pattern baldness, prostatic hypertrophy, and other medical problems in men.

2. Women's Health Program

Evaluation of women’s overall health in all ages. CMI can also address menopause-related problems, cervical and breast cancer screening, hormonal imbalance ad other women’s health issues.

3. Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management

With the ultimate aims of maintaining good overall cardiovascular health and self-image, CMI offers medical and psychological evaluation of weight management issues and provides medical treatment when necessary, together with nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

4. Pregnancy Diagnosis and Prenatal Care

To journey with a woman thru one of her most exciting experiences in life, CMI’s obstetrics and maternal medicine specialists will provide special care as she deals with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy until delivery. Read more

5. Senior Citizen's Wellness Program

CMI provides overall evaluation of a senior citizen’s health status. Geriatricians, neurologists, psychologists and other specialists can look into health issues of the elderly:  do memory screening, address dementia, mobility, visual, auditory and balance disorders related to aging.  

 6. Smoking Cessation Program

CMI pulmonologists have designed a smoking cessation program to help patients quit the habit and improve overall cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

 7. Sports Medicine and Cardiology Program

This CMI screening and preventive medicine program offers services to individuals who seek medical clearance prior to undergoing strenuous sports activities such as triathlons and marathons, as well as to clients with cardiovascular disease and those who have a high risk of developing it, particularly patients who have hypertension and dyslipidemia. 

The program also recommends appropriate lifestyle changes and determine the best medical treatment plan to prevent or treat cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, reduce the need for surgery and Improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms.

8. Travel and Leisure Medicine

The CMI team can provide advice on pre-travel immunization and chemoprophylaxis when required especially when traveling to places endemic for certain diseases. Advice can also be given to address motion sickness, travel-related anxiety, traveler’s diarrhea and other similar medical problems 





1. Evaluation of Children and Adolescents with Behavioral, Psychological and Adjustment Disorders

CMI recognizes the need of children and adolescents who experience behavioral, psychological and adjustment disorders including bullying, physical and emotional abuse, substance use, learning difficulties. Formal evaluation is conducted and psychological intervention may be conducted by CMI’s panel of experts. Read more

2. Relationship Counseling

CMI’s team of psychiatrists and professional psychologists help couples deal with relationship issues. Couple’s therapy sessions are conducted in the privacy of CMI’s special counseling rooms.

3. Eating Disorders

CMI looks into organic and psychological causes of eating disorders, utilizing a team of expert internists, psychologists and nutritionists to give advice and counsel to children and adults who have appetite problems.

4. Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

CMI specialists can conduct evaluation of patients who have insomnia and sleep disorders, offering multi-modality approach in treating these conditions.

5. Workplace Stress Management

Workplace stress causing anxiety disorders, physical symptoms and declining efficiency can be evaluated and addressed by CMIs team of psychiatrists and psychologists. Read more





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